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Our services

Below are our 2021 rates for event and workshop delivery. Do please contact us by email should you have a more specific request. Please note that all prices quoted below are subject to additional travel costs outside Bristol.

Poetry workshop (all ages)  30-45 minutes    £100

Jamaican stories KS2,3 30-45 minutes          £100

Assembly performances                                 £400

Birthday party event – adapted to all ages    £500

Christenings                                                  £500

Conference package                                     £1200

Funerals    (Church and graveside)              £800

Nine Night                                                     £600

Nine Night and Funeral                                £1100

Concert packages from                                £1000




Our conference and concert packages feature a combination of reggae, Negro spirituals, and Jamaican medley. Please contact us to discuss your needs. Performances in schools/community sessions


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